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PerriPerformance Shifter Cable Lockdown for 10th Gen Honda Civic 16-18 Manual MT

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Improve the feel of your shifter and remove rattle with the Perrin Shifter Cable Lockdown.

Why you want it The shift cables in the 10th Generation Civic are not well secured in the housing in stock form. This causes a noticeable "double-clunk" while shifting into 2nd, 4th, and 6th gear. This problem is exaggerated when aftermarket short shifter adapters and rods are installed. As shown in the image here, you can see the shifter cable move within its mount and you can see the shifter cable housing rattling against the shifter cable (O-ring used for emphasis). These two annoyances are solved with the ALTA Shifter Cable Lockdown.

Fixing Problem #1 The ALTA Shifter Cable Lockdown compresses the shifter mount around the shifter cable, locking it in place, and eliminates the "double-clunk" when shifting gears into 2nd, 4th, and 6th gear. This added pressure prevents the opportunity for noise to occur.

Fixing Problem #2 The O-rings mounted to the ALTA Shifter Cable Lockdown act as a dampener by eliminating an additional vibration between the shifter cable and the shifter cable sleeve.

Finish & Construction The ALTA Shifter Cable Lockdown is made from lightweight aluminum and is CNC machined for a precise fit. Anodized black and finished with the ALTA logo and part number. While you won't see it again once it is installed, know that it will still be looking and working great for many years and miles to come.

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Brand: PERRIN Performance Manufacturer Part Number: PHP-INR-018
Color: Black Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
Warranty: 5 Year Surface Finish: painted